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Horse Show

13th Annual McClure Bean Soup Festival & Fair Horse Show at Moondust Meadows
September 8, 2018
9:00 AM

Moondust Meadows is located on Old Stage Road in McClure.

CHAIR: Billie Shawver – 570-658-4206
COMMITTEE: Clayton Shawver, Allysa Thomas, Jamie Stoltzfus, Michelle Boney

Horse Show Schedule:

SECTION 6: Halter
1st – $6.00. 2nd – $5.00. 3rd – $4.00. 4th – $3.00
  1. Halter Miniature Horse
  2. Halter Pony  (14.2 Hands & under)
  3. Halter Open Weanling/Yearling
  4. Halter Registered Quarter  Horse –Sponsored by Shawver’s Quarter Horses
  5. Halter Color Breed (Palomino, Paint, Pinto, Buckskin, Appaloosa, Etc)
  6. Halter Open (Not Entered In Other Halter Classes)
  7. Halter Draft Horse/Draft Cross
  8. Champion & Reserve Champion At Halter (all first & second place winners of classes 1 thru 7)
  9. Showmanship Junior (English or Western) -11 & under –DEPT. 11
  10. Showmanship Youth (English or Western)-12 to 18 –DEPT.11
  11. Showmanship-Adult -19 & UP
  12. Bareback Walk-Trot –  No Saddle or Bit
  13. English Equitation-Walk-Trot-Canter
  14. English Pleasure-Walk-Trot-Canter
  15. Green Horse Walk/Trot English or Western (May Not Enter In Canter Classes)
  16. Leadline (Open To Children 10 & Under)-DEPT.11 
  17. PeeWee Pleasure – Walk-Trot (11 & under) – DEPT.11
  18. Western Pleasure Youth-Walk-Jog-Lope –DEPT. 11
  19. Western Pleasure Adult-Walk-Jog-Lope
  20. Therapeutic Pleasure-All Ages-Walk-Trot
  21. Therapeutic Equitation – All Ages – Walk-Trot
  22. Equitation Junior (11 & under) English or Western-Walk-Trot or Jog–DEPT.11
  23. Equitation Novice Rider Youth (12-18) English or Western-Walk-Trot or Jog–DEPT. 11
  24. Equitation Novice Rider Adult (19 & UP) English or Western-Walk-Trot or Jog
  25. Open Equitation Western-Walk-Trot-Lope
  26. All Day Pleasure (English or Western) – Walk-Trot or Jog
  27. Ranch Horse
  28. Egg & Spoon
  29. Trail Class (Will be run during Speed Events)
  30. Therapeutic Trail Class
  31. Miniature Horse Trail
  32. Keyhole Race -Junior DEPT.11
  33. Keyhole Race –Youth   DEPT.11
  34. Keyhole Race –Adult
  35. Pole Bending -Junior DEPT.11
  36. Pole Bending Youth DEPT 11
  37. Pole Bending Adult
  38. 50 YD. Dash –Junior DEPT 11
  39. 50 YD. Dash –Youth DEPT 11
  40. 50 YD. Dash –Adult
  41. Barrel Race –Junior DEPT.11
  42. Barrel Race- Youth DEPT.11
  43. Barrel Race-Adult

Note: All Premium Checks will be mailed.

Horse Show Rules:

  1. Moondust Meadows or McClure Bean Soup Festival and Fair will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during the show or any articles lost or damaged.
  2. You assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law.
  3. No equine showing signs of a contagious or infectious disease will be admitted to any event.
  4. Age of horse will be based on calendar year starting Jan 1 of year foaled. Horses foaled in 2017 will be 1 yr old Jan 1, 2018.
  5. All exhibitors must display their numbers on their backs or on both sides of their saddle blanket in plain view for the judge.
  6. Refunds will be issued only in the event of illness or injury to horse or rider.
  7. The announcers stand must be notified of a tack change before your class.  5 minutes will be allowed.
  8. The judge’s decision will be final in all classes.  Judges will decide on the patterns.
  9. The Show Committee reserves the right to cancel or combine any class.
  10. A pattern may or may not be used in an equitation class at the judge’s discretion.
  11. In Western Pleasure classes, a bosal or snaffle bit may be used on a horse 5 yrs. or younger & may be ridden with 2 hands. Horses 6 yrs. or older will be ridden with a shank bit & ridden with one hand.
  12. Proper riding attire is required in order to be judged. Long sleeve western type shirt, jeans or show pants & boots must be worn by western exhibitors. Short-sleeved western type attire will be allowed in gaming classes only. Appropriate English attire will be required for English classes.  In hot weather, the judge may not require jackets.
  13. All riders 18 & under must wear ASTM-approved hard hats when showing in speed events. The judge will not penalize a rider for wearing protective head gear in a pleasure or equitation class.
  14. All exhibitors must pay for classes when signing up or leave a blank signed check at the signup stand to be completed at the end of the day.
  15. Riders unable to control their horses will be considered unsafe and may be dismissed from the ring at the discretion of the judge and/or show committee.


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