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Presidents Welcome

Welcome to the 127 th McClure Bean Soup Festival and Fair!

September 9 th thru September 15 th

In September, once again our little town of McClure will come alive with the sights, sounds,

lights, laughter, fellowship and homecomings as we celebrate the 127th year of “The McClure Bean

Soup Festival and Fair.”

The Theme for all Pennsylvania State Fairs for 2018 is “Farms, Families, Fairs, Fun.” We

would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your family, and your friends to visit our fair and

take a stroll thru our exhibit hall to see our Farms and Families that enter their vegetables, fruits,

nuts and more. This agriculture is taken right from the Farms and from Family gardens.

We would also like to invite you to exhibit all your fruits, vegetables, wine, and more by

participating in our “Open Show” entries. You can showcase your prize-winning canned goods,

home grown fruits and vegetables, flowers, hay, woodcrafts, antiques and so much more. All

Pennsylvania Fairs are Fun! We have a Milk Chugging Contest, Shoebox Float Contest, Farm

Games and more, Come Join the Fun at our Fair.

The Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs consists of one 108 county Fairs across

Pennsylvania that has as their focal point education and showcase agriculture, horticulture, and

tourism. Every fair in Pennsylvania is different, yet for everything that is unique with each fair,

they all operate with the same purpose – to showcase the best that is made and grown in PA and

educating their visitors about agriculture. Stop by our fair and see Pennsylvania’s agriculture at its

best. Support your fairs! Pennsylvania’s #1 industry is agriculture.

As always, our fair would not continue to grow without the many hours that our “Valuable

Volunteers” give to us every year! Our fair officers and committee members contribute many

volunteer hours and many fundraiser events to continue the progress of our fair. You will find our

volunteers in the exhibit hall, food stand, souvenir stand, cake wheel and many other areas of our

fair! Another important part of our fair is our many sponsors. Year after year, we have individuals

and businesses sponsor our many contests that we have during fair week. We, the Fair Officers and

Committee Members extend a warm THANK YOU for your continued support and would like to

welcome you to attend our fair.

Mark your calendars and join us for a week of “Farms, Families, Fairs, Fun.” As we celebrate

127 years at The McClure Bean Soup Festival and Fair.

Sandra Fisher, President

Fair Officers and Committee Members

Fair Officers:

Sandra Fisher, President

Jennifer Shawver, Vice President

Cloyd Hess, Treasurer

Ruth Ann Bubb, Secretary

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