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Dept 9- Rabbits



1. An “Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification-Client-Patient Relationship” form must be presented upon arrival at all shows and fairs in Pennsylvania, including out-of-state entries.
2. Pre-register rabbits by September 3rd, if you plan to exhibit your rabbit during the week of the fair.
3. Rabbits shown by breed and class using ARBA Guidelines.
4. No rabbit may compete in more than one class.
5. Rabbits will be screened on arrival for health and show condition. No rabbits showing signs of contagious or infectious disease will be admitted to the show. The decision of the chairperson is final.



1st – $68.00; 2nd – $7.00; 3rd – $6.00; 4th-$5.00


09101 – Senior Buck (over 6 months of age)
09102 – Junior Buck (under 6 months of age)
09103 – Senior Doe (over 6 months of age)
09104 – Junior Doe (under 6 months of age)
09105 – Doe and Litter (6 weeks of age or older)
09106 – Meat Pen (3 Rabbits of the same breed and variety (color), under 10 weeks old, each weighing 3 to 5 pounds)

Breed Classes:
1. California

2. Dutch

3. Mini-Lop

4. Netherland Dwarf

5. Lop Holland

6. Rex

7. Mini-Rex

8. Jersey Wooley

9. New Zealand

10. Other Purebred


Rabbit Entry 2018

Download  Caretaker’s Verification Form


Contact: Sandra Fisher Contact (717)543-5467


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